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Modern Muse | Wonder Woman Thear Suzuki

Thear Suzuki

Our latest Modern Muse is truly a Wonder Woman of today. Mother to four adorable boys, wife, board member of several nonprofits and the advisory managing partner for the Southwest region of Ernst and Young, one of the biggest consulting firms in the country, she shows women and girls that they truly can have it all by tapping into their gifts and living a life of love, passion and grace. Here is her story in her own words.

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Modern Muse | Junior Muse Surabhi Arun

ModernMuse Surabhi Arun

I’m a 6th grader at Murphy Middle School. I’m Secretary of my Student Council and also a member of the Environmental Club. I love caring for the environment and very much believe in recycling. I am in a Girl Scout troop as well and am always looking for a way to help people. I’m also part of an organization called NEHS which stands for the National Elementary Honor Society which empowers its members to do volunteer and charity work. My hobbies are singing, theater, basketball, swimming,cooking/baking and sketching. I love acting and have been in several plays/musicals but on the flip side I am extremely competitive and love sports. At home I LOVE to look online for recipes to try out so I can learn culinary tips as I work. In my free time I like to free draw and sketch nature.

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Meet the Man Behind UGauGrrl

Raul ModernMuse

They say behind every great man is a great woman. We’ve come to realize that sometimes behind a great woman’s movement is a great man!

Raul Gonzalez has been a part of the UGauGrrl team since we started in late 2016. Every image you see has been carefully and lovingly concepted and developed by him.

We wondered: What inspires the man who creates these inspirational designs for women? And how does he feel about being an integral part of a movement that solely focuses on women and girls? Read more

Rent This Now: Battle of the Sexes

Rent This Now: Battle of the Sexes

If you didn’t catch “Battle of the Sexes” in the theater this past fall, then definitely make it a Netflix-and-chill night and watch it On Demand! Even if you don’t follow sports, let alone tennis, we guarantee you’ll find the story of tennis great Billie Jean King super inspiring as a woman or girl. Read more

UGauGrrl Fashion: Looks to Fall For

Fall is one of our favorite seasons at UGauGrrl because that means layers! We’ve put together our best looks for the season with different textures and unexpected looks to rock your UGauGrrl tees. This year, statement tees are everywhere, so grab yours and get inspired by our outfits below!

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#ModernMuse: Social Entrepreneur Nikki Duong Koenig

Modern Muse Nikki Koenig

This week’s Modern Muse Nikki Duong Koenig learned how to sew from her mother at the tender age of seven. Ever since, she has been inspired and motivated to help others through her passions, founding the stylish and socially responsible handbag and accessory company Cykochik Custom Handbags in her SMU dorm room 14 years ago.

According to Nikki, “Cykochik’s vision is to create a more compassionate, sustainable, and happy world for all living beings.” In fact, in 2013, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) recognized Cykochik on a global stage with the ‘Compassionate Business Award.’ Fashion and compassion all wrapped into one exciting line! Read more

#ModernMuse: Soul Seeker Vonda Dyer

Modern Muse Vonda Dyer

As Senior VP of Creative Services for Minerva Consulting, our latest Modern Muse Vonda Dyer helps organizations “get to the heart/DNA of their work and help them expand their influence and messaging through storytelling and integrated communication services.” Even in her spare time, Vonda helps individuals  – singers, artists, fellow church members, family and friends – “find their voice and tell their stories with greater clarity and effectiveness.”

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#ModernMuse: Catching Up with STEM Renegade Mess Wright

Back in December, we highlighted STEM Renegade Mess Wright as one of Modern Muses. She was in the midst of piloting her technology camp programs called Renegades of Code. Last week, we had the pleasure of joining Mess at the official grand opening of her newly reinvented Mess Labs science lab, tinker space and code studio! Read more

Wonder Woman: Beauty, Brains & Brawn

Last weekend we saw the best opening ever for a film directed by a woman – and we couldn’t be more excited! “Wonder Woman” was not only a long overdue project, it was really a breath of fresh air as far as the superhero genre goes. It was inspiring, empowering and is definitely making an impact in so many ways.

If you check Rotten Tomatoes religiously like I do, then you knew that the critics already had a lot of positive things to say about this film. From the casting to the script to the epic scenery, the list of accolades could go on and on.

But what was really compelling about “Wonder Woman” was its balance of action and the female spirit that anyone can appreciate. Our heroine, portrayed by the gorgeous Gal Gardot, exemplified the message behind one of our favorite UGauGrrl shirts, “Beauty, Brains and Brawn.” She showed physical as well as inner strength, compassion and a level of elegance that commanded respect.

Was the success of this movie because people have been waiting so long for another comic book-based film featuring a woman? Is it because the director is a woman? Or is it because it’s Wonder Woman, who we all wanted to be growing up?

Yes, yes and yes! And so much more. When you watch the movie, you’ll see that everything just came together perfectly to provide a film that makes women proud, entertains like heck and brings respect to female directors and superheroes alike.

We could tell you the plot, but I highly suggest that you just grab anyone and everyone you know, not just the girls, to enjoy this epic movie. We are so proud that this has all the makings of going down in film history for audiences to enjoy years and years from now as a new classic. Let us know what you think on our Facebook page!

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