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Be a Fearless Reader

Fall is settling in nicely across the country, and we’ve made it to 7 months of semi-quarantine. Sounds like the perfect time to snuggle in with a good book!

We’re sure you have a long list of books that you’ve been meaning to get to (or finish). But if you need a recommendation, look no further than Fearless, Malala Yousafzai’s new book club. According to an interview she did this August with Bustle, even she has a pile of books she can’t wait to read!

The Pakistani activist for female education and the world’s youngest Nobel Prize laureate (not to mention one of our OG Modern Muses) launched the club this month and will be hosted by literary startup Literati.

In a nutshell: “Fearless amplifies the voices of authors the world too often neglects. Expect to hear from prominent writers and new voices—women with bold ideas, storytellers who show the world from their perspective, and characters who capture your heart.

“We know Malala’s name today because she refused to be silent. Fearless invites you to join a world of women who share her courage, commitment, and hope for the future.”

As a member of the book club, you get a new book delivered monthly and discussions via questions and ideas from Malala in the Literarti app throughout the month. Sounds like a dream book club and perfect for these virtual times!

Join the club, get that reading nook ready and be prepared to be enlightened and inspired!

Modern Muse | Funny Gal Sahana Srinivasan

Sahana Srinivasan

When we read Sahana Srinisvasan’s story, we couldn’t believe she is only twenty-three. An aspiring actor and filmmaker based in LA with a Netflix show, Nickelodeon pilot and feature film already under her belt, Sahana has quite a story to tell. But it’s not what she’s accomplished career-wise that has us wowed. It’s the diligent pursuit of her dream to tell stories in an entertaining and thought-provoking way with all the wisdom of a seasoned pro that caught our attention. Read more

Modern Muse | Hurdle Jumper Andrea Duff

Modern Muse Andrea Duff

When we call our latest Modern Muse Andrea Duff a “hurdle jumper”, we don’t mean she’s physically jumping hurdles on a track. Even more impressive, she’s jumped the proverbial barriers in her life that have made her a strong woman, a loving mom raising an impressive young lady (whom we can personally say after meeting her ourselves) and a business force to be reckoned with! Read more

Modern Muse | Doer Ranya Rahim

Modern Muse Ranya Rahim

To us at UGauGrrl, our Modern Muses embody our mission to inspire, empower other women and girls and make an impact in their singular way. Our latest Muse Ranya Rahim is perhaps one of the most quintessential examples of this. Currently a project manager with a tech company, she IS the “beauty, brains and brawn” behind our t-shirt that she wears so perfectly. She doesn’t just talk the talk, this girls WALKS. Read more

Modern Muse | MMA Muse Audrey Wolfe

Modern Muse Audrey Wolfe

When you think of boxing, kickboxing and other martial arts, who immediately comes to mind? George Foreman? Bruce Lee? The Rock?

Our latest Modern Muse Audrey Wolfe strives to change that. As a managing partner at Mezger Martial Arts, an elite Dallas facility that offers group classes and private lessons to men, women and children in boxing, kickboxing, judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and wrestling, she does more than manage the gym, coaches, trainers and staff. She instructs, too, and in particular proud to empower women and girls to be strong, defend themselves and know endurance and persistence through sport.  

Who wouldn’t be inspired and feel empowered when your teacher is currently ranked the number two, pound-for-pound female in mixed martial arts in the whole state of Texas?! 

Keep reading to learn about Audrey’s incredible journey!

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Modern Muse | Super Nerd Christina Rios

Modern Muse Christina Rios
Modern Muse Christina Rios

Radiology assistant by day, self-proclaimed “gamer, nerd and Star Wars-lover” by night. This is 27-year-old Christina Rios from San Angelo, Texas. And that’s just scratching the surface!

Known on Instagram as @_r2d2lover_, this beauty, both inside and out, is passionate about well, what she’s passionate about! These days, it’s easy for girls, and even grown women, to fall into the “lemming trap.” Christina proves that you don’t have to be defined by society. It’s much better and more fulfilling to be the Modern Muse (i.e. YOURSELF) that each of you are!

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Modern Muse | Young Writer Manya Bondada

Modern Muse Manya Bondada

Fifteen-year-old Manya Bondada from Plano has a way with words – and notes! Beyond her years, she finds that the best way to express herself is through poetry, prose and music. More than that, she sees that expression as a way to connect with and inspire others. We’re proud to feature our latest junior Muse and hope that her story inspires, empowers and makes an impact on you to dare to dream and realize the muse within!

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Modern Muse | Marketing Maven Lisa Petty

ModernMuse Lisa Petty

As a writer and marketing maven, Lisa Petty has a knack for finding a brand’s story and making it shine. She’s also great at finding what makes an individual tick and stand out.

That’s what really struck us about Lisa – her genuine interest and appreciation for every person she meets. And once she knows someone’s gift, strength or potential impact on the world, her wheels start turning!

Whether it’s hosting a social for enterprising women, introducing potential collaborators or sharing an opportunity to help promote or grow a business, Lisa is on it. She inspires, empowers and impacts women and girls in her life and through her work – everything it means to be a Modern Muse in our eyes!

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Modern Muse | Budding Entrepreneur Amelie Vuong

Modern Muse Amelie Vuong

What first caught our attention about Amelie Vuong was the absolutely gorgeous jewelry from her line Beads by Boo she was selling at a recent event we attended. Imagine our pleasant surprise when we realized that the talent behind the beautifully designed earrings and necklaces worn on patrons walking by was from an 11-year-old girl!

We just had to visit with this little wonder and were impressed by everything about her. The more we spoke with her and her proud mom Uyen, her biggest supporter, the more we learned just how perfectly she embodied UGauGrrl’s mission. Read on to learn more and shop at her store for some awesome holiday gifts!

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