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Modern Muse

#ModernMuse: Change Champion Jesse Ihde

Modern Muse Jesse Ihde

Trade Last Founder Jesse Ihde is no stranger to what we here at UGauGrrl stand for. In fact, her organization, which works with nonprofits, conscious companies, activists, churches, artists, writers, entrepreneurs and leaders who desire to live a life for the sake of others, is all about inspiring, empowering and making and impact through those whose life revolves around our very mission!

Here is her story in her own words.

“The definition of the word Trade Last is to share with a person the affirming words you’ve heard about them from others, to give away a compliment.

“Here at Trade Last, we want to turn a mirror back onto you or your organization so you can find your center, define your core and move forward towards success that is meaningful. We want to be the wind at your back that gives you the courage, confidence and clarity you need to change the world.


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#ModernMuse: Gender Wage Gap Advocate Jacqueline Twillie

ModernMuse Jacqueline Twillie

Jacqueline Twillie is the Founder and CEO of ZeroGap and also the best-selling author of Navigating The Career Jungle : A Guide for Young Professionals. Her focus on the gender wage gap and empowering women is one that we just had to let her tell herself. You can see immediately why she is this Monday’s Modern Muse!

“A few years ago I learned about the gender wage gap through an the Levo League. I was in disbelief, but, after researching and learning the wage gap was real, I got ticked off and decided to do something about it. That’s when I began studying the science and techniques of negotiation up to three hours a day. Later, I began teaching negotiation workshops, and I knew I was on the right track with my life. I just couldn’t shut up about the wage gap and women needing to speak up and ask for what they are worth.

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#ModernMuse: “Power Broker” Carmin MacMillan

Modern Muse Carmin MacMillan
When you think “power broker,” you probably think politics or economics. But when we talk about Carmin MacMillan and her work as Executive Director of the Wesley Mission Center in Mansfield, Texas, power broker takes on a whole new meaning.
Carmin builds strategies and leads a team that is committed to helping their neighbors who are experiencing financial hardship. With the help of the Wesley Mission Center, families work through their financial crises so that they can move ahead in their financial future. Coaching, employment help and supportive social networks are the tools to making this happen.
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#ModernMuse: Mother-Philanthropist-Activist Akilah S. Wallace

ModernMuse Akilah S Wallace

Dallas-ite Akilah S. Wallace has not one, not two, but three jobs. As Director of Development for Faith in Texas, this powerhouse leads fundraising efforts by connecting people and other vital resources to support multi-faith-based community organizing, addressing social justice issues to protect vulnerable communities including low and moderate income families, the formerly incarcerated/rehabilitated, undocumented immigrants, and black and Muslim people. In 2013, she founded Distinguished Ones: A Philanthropic Initiative “seeking to heighten the platform for philanthropy education and the next generation of Philanthropists of Color” throughout North Texas. But perhaps her biggest, and best, job is mother of two boys, whom she strives to be an example for of giving and perseverance. #UGauGrrl

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#ModernMuse: Survivor Grace Lozada

ModernMuse Grace Lozada

This week’s Modern Muse Grace Lozada, who hails from Los Angeles, California, is 46 years old – and proud to proclaim it. The wisdom she has gained throughout the course of her life is definitely something to celebrate with every year that passes. After enduring a childhood with an alcoholic mother, alcohol and drug abuse, depression, and single motherhood on welfare, Grace found solace, strength and escape through her writing and photography. Starting from an early age, she literally wrote in her sleep.

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#ModernMuse: Author Shondra M. Quarles

MM Shondra Quarles

Early childhood educator Shondra M. Quarles was lucky enough to know her calling at an early age. As she grew up, she discovered that she could be do even more as a teacher through writing. Not knowing a thing about publishing a book, she inspired herself and learned how to self-publish her first paperback book. She most recently won an award from the National Celebrity Educators for authoring the book “The Teacher Who Didn’t Want to Go to School.” She’s inspiration, empowerment and making an impact all wrapped into one! #inspireyourself

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#ModernMuse: STEM Renegade Mess Wright


When I first met Mess Wright at The Grove, a coworking space in Dallas’ historic West End, it was adore at first sight. It wasn’t just her infectious energy and humor but also her extreme passion for science and developing that passion in kids of all ages. Since 2010, Mess has offered STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) enrichment programs for children, starting with a popular hands-on science discovery center in Dallas. Years later, she would suffer a major setback in her business that most would take as a sign to move on.

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#ModernMuse: Muse-in-the-Making Padma Manavazhahan

For some people, their life’s purpose is handed to them. Just read any of our #ModernMuse stories, and you’ll see that this is true for many of them. For others, that gift is realized early so that they can work towards it academically, socially and holistically. Padmavathy Manavazhahan is one young lady whose heart has led her to pursue a Masters in Humanities at The University of Texas at Dallas, an internship with UGauGrrl Founder, Gauthami Vemula’s organization Color Me SAFE and to be a Chinmaya Yuva Kendra member at Chinmaya Mission in Dallas-Ft. Worth. What will this muse-in-the-making accomplish in the world? We can’t wait to find out and love the spirit she embodies and the path she has chosen to affect real, positive change in the world.

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#ModernMuse: Changemaker Shawana Carter

When you wake up in the morning, do you often say to yourself, as you stare into a closet filled with clothes, “I have nothing to wear”? Everyday, thousands of children face this question in a real way. One Irving, Texas-based woman felt the impact of just this situation as a parent struggling to provide for her kids. Our latest Modern Muse Shawana Carter is the Founder and Executive Director of Carter’s House, “a federally-recognized nonprofit clothing bank, specifically providing clothes to children ages zero to fourteen years old at no cost to their families.” Though Shawana and her husband were uncertain of the future, she tapped into her inner muse as a mom and a woman to take action, finding her purpose in the process to help others just like her and her family find hope through something as seemingly simple as a pair of pants or a shirt. We are proud to feature Shawana’s story and hope it empowers you to find your purpose!

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